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  1. Hawarden Waikari Lions Club Trailride

    Hawarden Waikari Lions Club Trailride

    Went for a ride with farmers yesterday to review the course for this year’s Suzuki Trails fundraising event. Is quite different this year as we have a new car park venue at Taruna Rd and not Inches Rd. So look out for the Suzuki Trails signs on Lake Sumner Road turning onto Murrays Rd, Taruna Rd. Track conditions are excellent for this event as light rain yesterday is ensuring the track will be great traction and dust free for Sunday with an occasional patch of mud! We have use of another property which enables us to have 2 really good Children Novice short course options more suitable for little bikes. The Enduro hill climb options will test the experienced riders this year with the course in the opposite direction. Hawarden Waikari Lions Club will have the Barbecue team on site with a good range of eats and drinks available. Learn More
  2. Beautiful Valley Trailride

    Beautiful Valley Trailride

    Sunday 14 April we are holding the Geraldine School fundraising trailride. Last years event was cancelled due to conditions being too wet so should be ideal with warmer weather conditions this year. Riding on farmland and forestry trails with some clay tracks in places ensures a great variety of terrain and riding conditions. Definitely the time of year to start thinking about new tyres so you can enjoy roosting the trails. Will have a number of trail options so please take note of Novice Children shortcuts as we want the younger riders to enjoy themselves. Usually 3-4 Enduro options for experienced riders which can be easy to extreme depending on weather. Geraldine School will be attending with a barbecue to ensure the hungry are replenished and keep your energy levels up.

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  3. Little River Trail Ride

    Little River Trail Ride

    This is a fundraiser for the Banks Peninsula A&P Association so put it on your calendar and support them. Also note that the entry fee includes lunch so that's another bonus. Learn More

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