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  1. The Peaks, Hawarden Trailride

    The Peaks, Hawarden Trailride

    The Peaks Trailride using four properties along the upper Hurunui River this is an attractive area to ride. There is a good mixture of tracks to suit all riders and challenging enduro options. Have planned to go round in a clockwise direction so might even mark an enduro hill climb up the infamous Zorro route. That scared enough riders just going down in the past! The main course will be approx 45k and we will have a shortcut option for Children and families. There will be barbecue food and drinks available on the day.

    M Bovis

    This impacts on our recreation and if we want to ensure access onto private land where peoples primary income is from farming we have to take some precautions. 1. Ensure your bike has been thoroughly cleaned under engines and inside bash plates plus your riding gear and boots. If you turn up with a dirty bike you will be asked to leave. 2. Every lap you do, you will be required to ride through a series of baths containing disinfectant going out of the car park on the trailride course. 3. You must stop in the disinfectant bath and place your feet in the disinfectant or walk your bike through whichever is easiest. 4. Spectators and non riding people must stay in the car park area. 5. Do not bring your dog or pets to a trailride event.

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  2. Conway Hills Trailride

    Conway Hills Trailride

    Been busy swinging the chainsaw clearing gorse, broom and blackberry. Need to start spaying some of these trails now they are established. The Novice Childrens short cut option is about 20k, main course has a couple of more challenging bits but still suitable for quadbikes. There will be 3 Enduro options so your bike will get muddy and one hill climb option only the best riders will get up. The Cheviot Home & School is doing a barbecue to support their fundraising so I’m sure there will be something tasty for lunch. Learn More
  3. Maruia School PTA Fundraiser Trailride

    Maruia School PTA Fundraiser Trailride

    Situated just North of Springs Junction, this ride has been growing in popularity over the last few years. ***** Please take note of their specific "CLEAN BIKES POLICY" due to Biosecurity ***** Learn More
  4. Tracktion Motorcycles 6 Hour Cross Country

    Tracktion Motorcycles 6 Hour Cross Country

    This will be the second running of the Tracktion MC 6 Hour Cross Country. There are classes to suit everyone here. 6 Hour Solo (Ironman) 3 Hour Solo 6 Hour Team (2 Riders 1 Bike) 6 HOur Team (2 Riders 2 Bikes) 6 Hour Vets Team 40+ . Get your entries in at Timing Tech:

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  5. Culverden Memorial Trailride

    Culverden Memorial Trailride

    Rolling hills with some Enduro deviations. There will be a Peewee track option but it needs Parental supervision. Learn More

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