CRANKSHAFT HON CRF450R 17-18 / CRF450RX 17-18

Building on the success of high-quality, O.E.M. replacement rods, HotRods introduced the perfect place to showcase them - in a completeheavy-duty Hot Rods O.E.M. replacement crankshaft. Since that time, HotRods heavy duty crankshafts have been regarded as the premier alternativeto costly O.E. manufactured cranks. But, in addition to being a costeffective alternative, Hot Rods heavy duty crankshafts also bring a levelof uncompromising quality, design and innovation not seen in itscompetitors. All new assembly sold complete with Hot Rods connecting rod.The Hot Rods complete crankshaft includes their famed connecting rod;durability at a level O.E.M. rods can only dream of. Factory assembled andtrued to O.E.M. specifications, Hot Rods cranks will meet or surpass theO.E.M. in performance. H

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